Flere Benriach fra Daracha

Daracha har sluppet tre nye Benriach på polet, denne gang en fra batch 7 og to fra batch 8.

Benriach 1991 19 yo
Batch 7
54,9 %
Cask no 4389
Virgin American Oak Finish
Tappet juli 2010
Pris: 1.607,40.- inkl mva
Polets varenr. 1664701
Smaksnotat fra BenRiach: Hot buttered toast with hazelnut butter. Incredible dried nut characteristics with a spicy kick.

Benriach 1989 22 yo
Batch 8
49,1 %
Cask no 4813
Sauternes Finish
Tappet juli 2011
Pris: 1.706,60.- inkl mva
Polets varenr. 1666401
Smaksnotat fra Benriach: Colour: Pale lemon straw. Nose: Soft white summer fruits including peaches, apricots and melon. This is partnered with hot buttered toast drizzled with honey. Taste: Soft white summer fruits, with peach and apricot influences ever present. A light and airy character, reminiscent of the great outdoors. Subtle oak finished with a dollop of honey.

Benriach 1972 39 yo
Batch 8
40,1 %
Cask no 802
Tappet juli 2011
Pris: 4.405,40.- inkl mva
Polets varenr. 1667401
Smaksnotat fra BenRiach: Colour: Very light straw. Remarkably pale for a whisky of this age. Nose: Vibrant coconut and passion fruit aromas, laced with wild-meadow honey combined with a subtle dry toasted oak kick. Taste: Soft floral observations of jasmine and wild primrose, bound together with fragrant white fruits and heather honey. Well-dressed with classical proportions.

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